Dear Mission Family:
Thank you for choosing Mission! At SGMHS we are more than a school, we are a family. This section includes general information to help manage your experience as a parent/guardian. If you have any questions please contact us at sgmhs@missionpioneers.org or call (626) 282-3181.



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Dear SGMHS parents:


These past few weeks, in addition to our nation facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also witnessing protests spurring the conversation about violence and racism in America. 


Here are a few parenting resources providing insight on ways to talk to children about these heavy and important topics.


Talking About Race:

Resources for parents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture on ways to have a healthy conversation about race.


Talking To Kids About Race

National Geographic Article about how to talk to kids about race.


Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media provides a wealth of information for parents. They included this article, How to Talk with Kids About Racism and Racial Violence



Reminder:  Resources for mental health support and counseling are provided on the Counseling Google Classroom and on the SGMHS public website.  Encourage your daughters to use these resources when needed.

Praying you and your families are safe and healthy.


Students (and parents) should do all in their power to guard against absence from classes.  A Parent/Guardian (not the student) should notify the school Attendance Office on the day of the absence.  Messages may be left on voice mail 24 hours a day. 

To Report an Absence/Tardy:

  1. Call the Front Office to report the absence/tardy by 9am.
  2. State law requires a note signed by a parent/guardian for every absence.  This is due to the Front Office on the day of her return by 8am.

Same Day Early Dismissal:  Parents must send a note with your daughter to the Front Office by 8am.

Appointments: Verification is needed from a doctor, dentist, orthodontist, court, DMV, college appointments, etc. upon return to school. 


Front Office (626) 282-3181 ext. 102

Attending a school like Mission with a smaller student body allows better communication between teachers, parents, and students.  Our teachers are dedicated to ensuring that each student is receiving the attention they need.  To strengthen this communication, each of our faculty and staff members is provided with a school email they can use to contact parents and students.  Their email address can be found on their staff page.  
Parents are welcome to contact their daughters teacher to schedule a meeting or to discuss assignments and grades.
Students can contact their teachers outside of school hours via email or class apps.