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On behalf of the parent Board, it is with great pride that we welcome you to San Gabriel Mission High School! Thank you for your interest in the Mission Parent Board Team. Working together, we can only enhance our daughter's overall experience here at Mission. We look forward to getting to know you. We encourage all of you to invite other parents to the meeting. Bring your questions and comments.


Any questions please feel free to send us an email at:



Roylyn Gonzalez - Alyssa Gonzalez (11th)

Frank & Liz Ramos - Izabella Ramos (9th)

Marisol Vargas - Ariana Zamora (11th)

Alejandro Navarro - Samantha Gomez (11th)

Miriam Contreras- Abigail & Eries Contreras (9th & 11th)

Ana Vazquez- Leslie Vazquez (9th)

Else Ibarra - Lisette Martinez (12th)

Arcelica Catalan - Alyssa Catalan (10th)

Ed & Martha Lamas- Cindy Lamas (12th)

Roberta Estrada - Julianna Estrada (10th)

Please join us at our next Parent Board Meeting 
We encourage all of you to invite other parents to the meeting.
NOTE: All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend the Board's monthly meetings which are held once a month at 7:00 p.m. One Service hour is earned for every hour attended. Board meetings last approximately 1 hour. Attending the Board meetings is a great way to meet the other parents, get information directly from the principal on the various issues that affect the school and our daughters, and it's and easy way to earn service hours!
If you are interested in beginning a carpool group from your area please contact