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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

We are a college-preparatory Catholic high school located on the historic grounds of the San Gabriel Mission. Our faith-driven community provides a safe environment for young women to grow as spiritual, intellectual, creative, and athletic leaders. Our financially accessible opportunities serve a diverse and inclusive student body of local, commuter, and international students in the Greater Los Angeles area.


Vision Statement

San Gabriel Mission High School - Continues its commitment of inspiring, educating, and empowering young women, providing a safe and nurturing environment while developing the whole individual; spiritually, intellectually, and socially.



Established in 1949, San Gabriel Mission High School is a Catholic parish secondary school which commits itself to the mission of Christian Education dedicated to the Dominican Charism of β€œThe Search for Truth Together.” The school offers a college preparatory program to young women of diverse backgrounds.

Alma Mater

Fling out that vibrant spirit of Mission High.

Our loyalty to you will brighten the sky.

We pledge our full alliance,

Placing reliance, shouting defiance, ALMA MATER.

Our hearts are filled with courage, keeping us true,

Spreading our fame and fair name, we dare and do,

And homeward turn with burning love and zeal


Dominican Blessing

May God Creator bless us.

May God Redeemer heal us.

And may God the Holy Spirit fill us with light!