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Parent-Student Handbook



SGMHS regards discipline as an aspect of adolescent development and as a purpose of promoting in the student genuine psycho-social development. The ultimate purpose of the policies and practices is to create students who are well adjusted and reflective. The school commits itself to the belief that all students have the right to learn in a distraction free environment and can achieve their potential academically, spiritually, morally, physically and socially.  Therefore, as educators our commitment is to enhance the learning experience inside and outside the by focusing on what we expect from our Women of Mission.


·         Is a good person, someone to look up to and admire.

·         Knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do the right thing.

·         Sets a good example for everyone.

·         Makes the world a better place.

·         Lives according to the “FIVE ISOs”:






1.     SGMHS should be a a place of peace!  Respect your classmates, teacher, yourself, classroom and your school.  Let’s all try to make this a safe & positive place to learn about ourselves, each other, & God!  Everyone’s thoughts, feelings and opinions matter!!  Let’s also watch our language!

2.     Let’s build community by working on our Integrity & Character!  Abide by the rules of your class and school as well as all civil and archdiocesan laws/policies. 

3.     Be Prepared and Motivated!!!  Be ready and on time for all classes, assignments, and all other responsibilities.

4.     Let’s listen closely to God, others, & ourselves so that we can be women of Depth!!!  Your focused presence, awareness, and attention is expected in the classroom and anytime we are gathered as well as in any common areas.  Leave any other distractions in your book bag or locker so we can all learn and search for Truth together. 


Certain regulations and expectations have been prescribed by laws of the state and federal government, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, or by policies established by the SGMHS Administration and are outlined in this handbook (additional regulations may be decided upon by the Administration during the school year).  In order to create such an environment, it is necessary to maintain a disciplinary system, which stresses the importance of being a Woman of Mission and accepting the consequences of our choices in life. 

 Students who choose to disregard any policies, whether it is state/federal laws, Archdiocesan policy, or SGMHS rules, will be held accountable for their actions.  Any conduct, whether on or off school campus or online, unworthy of the above set of expectations, handbook policies, and detrimental to the reputation of SGMHS will result in disciplinary action.  The goal of our Women of Mission expectations and Discipline is not simply a form of punishment, but to develop a reflective system of values within each student, firmly grounded in the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ, that allows the students to make just, responsible, and ethical decisions with compassion and empathy.


If I choose to behave unlike a Woman of Mission, a teacher may give me any of the following consequences:

  • MEETING W/ COUNSELOR (may include parents)
  • MEETING W/ THE DEAN (may include parents) 
  • DEAN’S DETENTION (must include signed demerit)
  • 3 AFTER SCHOOL DETENTIONS (must involve signed referral form)

Demerits, Detention, and General Disciplinary Process

Demerits are earned by students who choose to behave contrary to our ISOs and not follow the school or classroom rules.  The student serves a demerit with a 30 minute lunch time detention in the computer lab with the Dean of Student Life the day after the demerit is issued and 15 minutes after the lunch bell.  Referrals are reserved for major infractions outlined in our handbook or for those who have earned 6 demerits in one semester.  The student serves a referral with 3, 1 hour after school detentions.  Lunchtime and afterschool detentions are reflective in nature and may involve writing, service to the school, or a meeting with teachers/counselor to discuss a plan for how we are going to avoid similar patterns of behavior.  All detentions take priority over every school activity (e.g. athletic practices, athletic games, playoff games, tutoring, choir, Campus Ministry, ASB, board meetings, bus schedules, carpool, etc.).  Probations are reserved for those students who have taken responsibility for their actions and continue to choose behaviors unbecoming of a Woman of Mission.  The terms of Probation and Strict Probation are to be decided by the Administration in cooperation with the Dean of Student Life.

·         6 demerits = 1 referral

·         1 Referral = (PRE-Probation Reflection time) 3, 1 hour afterschool meetings w/ 3 teachers

·         6 demerits + 1 Referral + 3 demerits = Disciplinary Probation

·         Violation on Probation = Strict Probation

·         Violations on Strict Probation = May lead to suspension or expulsion

Incentives for Pioneer Excellence in Behavior

Spirit points will be awarded to the class with the least amount of tardies and least amount of demerits at the end of each calendar month.  Prizes such as Mission Gear day or shoe passes will be awarded to individuals in the winning class.


Please contact the Assistant Principal Dean of Student Life, Ms. Cagigas at ext 113 or if you have any questions about Student Life at SGMHS.