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San Gabriel Mission High School offers an Enrichment Program for students to learn specialized skills.

Below are the Enrichment Courses currently offered to students:

Course Title

Course Description 

Employment & Career Readiness

This course will prepare students to enter the workforce through career exploration, resume development, interview skills and workplace etiquette.

Senior Academic Success

This course will assist senior students with composing personal statement essays for college applications as well as developing research papers.

Learn Embroidery

Students will be led in learning basic embroidery skills to add their creativity to clothing pieces they already own! Students will learn about design, technique, and stress relieving techniques. 

Art Explored Through Painting and Craft

Students will follow painting and knitting tutorials. Students are welcome to express their own style of painting and craftship.  

What is Love?  Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.

Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  How can I love another when I can barely love myself? Rooted in our Catholic tradition, let’s explore God’s purpose for us by growing in what it means to love.  

Relax and Shape Up! 

If you are tired of sitting around or laying in bed, then join me for a quick workout session.  We will stretch and do some old, funky exercises as well as some new Nike App moves. 


Dance Choreography is designed for all students with or without previous dance experience. Students will develop coordination and confidence while learning dance routines and gain an appreciation of dance as a medium of self-expression.

Personal Finance

How to write a check, debt, credit and debit cards, interest, banks, tax preparation (forms 1040 and 540)


Learn about stars, telescopes,  planets, space traveling.

Sweet Treats 101 with Fr. Ray, CMF

We all know the best part of dinner is dessert.  Grow in your confidence to end the meal like a rock star.  Join Fr Ray as you learn about a wide variety of desserts from around the globe designed for novices and intermediate cooks alike.  In each session you will learn 2 recipes, a simple skill recipe and a more detailed one.  Over the 9 weeks, you will hone your skills on cookies, cakes, frozen desserts, and more.  

Past Enrichment Program Offerings
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Music/Choir
  • Business Etiquette
  • Math Intervention (Mathematics skills training)
  • Forensic Science
  • SAT Prep
  • Chinese Language/Culture
  • Film