AP Course Offerings & AP Capstone Program

The AP Capstone Program at Mission is intended to provide a solid foundation for students who wish to academically challenge themselves. This two-year program will equip students with the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills that are increasingly valued by colleges and universities. AP Capstone cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares students to make logical, evidence-based decisions.


Students admitted into Mission’s AP Capstone Program will take AP Seminar in the 11th grade, followed by AP Research their senior year. Admitted students must also take four additional AP courses, for a total of six AP course for the entire program. Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams receive the AP Capstone Diploma.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses emulate college-level work in a  high school setting. Students in AP classes pursue an in-depth study of subjects they find particularly fascinating. These challenging stand alone courses  require dedication and time. Advanced Placement students are required to take  their respective exam(s) in May.  Students who pass the AP exam with a  qualifying score of 3, 4, or 5 may earn college credit (see university websites  for specific rules and regulations regarding college credit).


Advanced Placement Course Offerings Include:

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

English Language and Composition


*Computer Science

Seminar (AP Capstone Program)

Spanish Language (Credit by examination)

Studio Art 2D

Studio Art 3D (optional with 2D)

European History

United States Government

United States History


*San Gabriel Mission High School received the College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for our work in reducing the gap in gender equity in computer science.

"AP Capstone helps students develop key skills that they will use over and over in college: conducting research and communicating their results."
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