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I was born in Lima, Peru in 1972.  I attended Regina Pacis Catholic Elementary School through seventh grade. In 1985, at the age of 13 I immigrated to the United States.  For the first two years I lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania, later moving to Los Angeles, California.


I graduated from Huntington Park High School. Thereafter, I joined the UCLA Bruin family.  At UCLA I studied electrical engineer and mathematics.  In 1998, I graduated with a Bachelor in Science in Mathematics and Applied Sciences with a specialization in Electrical Engineer.


I was inspired to pursue a career in education in order to encourage more woman and minorities to pursue degrees and careers in the areas of science and math.  For the past 19+ years I have had the pleasure and honor of exposing students  to the wonders of math and science.


I am excited to continue inspiring high school women as I was inspired more than 27 years ago. To explore the wonders and magic of math, religion and Spanish and  the incredible roles these disciplines play in our everyday lives.