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Course Description

Course Overview/Description

The Advanced Placement Psychology course is a college level course that is taught at an accelerated pace.  The course is designed to introduce students to the fascinating world of psychology.  Students will study the psychological facts, principles and phenomena associated with each of the major sub-fields within psychology.  They will also learn about the methods psychologists use to monitor and evaluate psychological processes. Topics will include research methodology, statistics, personality development and theories, therapy, developmental psychology, biological bases of behavior, learning, social psychology, sensation, perception, states of consciousness, memory and other cognitive processes, intelligence and testing, motivation, emotion, mental illness, stress and diversity.  The course also seeks to prepare students to take the College Board Advanced Placement Examination in Psychology, offered every year in May - May 12, 2019.


Course Objectives

Students will:

  •  develop a greater understanding of the complexity of human behavior and thought processes
  • learn about the various tools psychologists use to investigate psychological phenomena and the limitations associated with each of these methods
  • assess the contributions from key research in psychology that has been conducted over the past century
  • evaluate the various schools of thought (approaches) employed by psychologists, including the psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, biological, and socio-cultural perspectives
  • identify the physiological roots of behavior, thinking, and emotion
  • explore the dynamics of cognitive processes, in particular memory, judgment, and intelligence
  • appreciate the myriad social factors influencing individual behavior and thinking
  • investigate maladaptive behavior and thinking and explain the various therapeutic modalities psychologists use to remedy such behavior and thinking
  • value the connection between psychology and other disciplines
  • apply psychology to everyday phenomena and human interactions