Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of financial aid does SGMHS offer its students?

A: SGMHS students receive financial aid from a variety of resources. Students who qualify apply yearly for the Catholic Education Fund scholarships. Applications will be available in November for new applicants. You must apply through your elementary school cycle (October) if you are a renewal applicant. SGMHS will work with each family individually if there is a request for need based assistance.

Q: Does SGMHS accept transfer students?

A: Yes, SGMHS does accept transfer students based on their previous school’s academic, disciplinary and behavioral records. Once the prospective student submits her application and requested documents an admissions interview is scheduled.

Q: What happens at the admission interview?

A: The prospective student and parent(s) are interviewed by a member of the admissions committee and asked a series of questions pertaining to the student’s reasons for wanting to attend SGMHS and her impending high school and post high school goals. SGMHS feels that it is important to get to know the student and parents in person, in addition to their application.  

Q: Can I take the HSPT at another Catholic high school and send the results to San Gabriel Mission High School?

A: Yes, you may take the HSPT exam at another high school and use those results to satisfy the HSPT requirement. However, you must ask the high school you take the exam with to send us a copy of your results directly.

Q: Is there an application deadline?

A: At SGMHS, we accept applications year round. We encourage all families to follow the general admissions timeline so that we may send all the admissions decisions by the first Friday of March. Applying after March will not hurt your application. However, if you will be applying for financial assistance it is better to apply sooner than later.  

Q: Does San Gabriel Mission High School accept CEF awards?

A: Yes, if you have received an award from the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF), we will apply the amount to our base tuition plan. The high school award from CEF is $2000.00 and the SOS award from CEF is $2500.00. If you already receive CEF at the grammar school level, please make sure to renew your application during the month of October with your grammar school. If you miss the October deadline, you may still apply during the high school cycle in January.

Q: Does SGMHS offer transportation to and from school?

A: No, we do not currently offer transportation via bus or van to and from school. However, we can refer you to current parents who are interested in carpooling.