SGMHS’s Senior Class Attended the 2018 National Latina Women’s Conference

The entire senior class at San Gabriel Mission High School attended the 2018 National Latina Women’s Conference on May 4th thanks to donations from alumna professionals at USC.  The Latina Women’s Conference “aims to empower high school and college age Latinas.”

This year it was held at the Quiet Cannon Conference and Events Center. It was an all-day event that included educational workshops, an exhibit area and awards luncheon.

The seniors wrote reflections of the day and what it meant to them to attend the Latina Women’s Conference and two seniors stood out. Gabby Abrego wrote, “In my opinion, the overall message of this conference was to educate high school students, predominantly females, about getting a higher level of education so they can be successful in the workforce one day. I saw how we are the next generation of Latina women and we must educate ourselves about the struggles of previous Latina women in order to succeed in our own lives.” Another senior, Gabby Angel wrote, “The main message of the conference overall was to offer hope, awareness, and advice. I definitely felt that this conference allowed me to see how many successful Latina women are actually out there and don’t get recognized for how much hard work and passion they put into their jobs.  I felt that the message was also about equality as something to always remember. Even if you are a woman, no matter what race, you should have the same opportunities in life to be successful.”

The 2018 Latina Women’s Conference was truly an educational experience for the seniors at SGMHS. They learned “that no matter what or how many obstacles that you face, you must remain confident that this is all a part of God’s plan for where you are supposed to end up in life.”