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SGMHS Attend Screening of “Dear Rosalynn”

SGMHS Attend Screening of “Dear Rosalynn”  

The entire student body at San Gabriel Mission High School, including faculty and staff, attended the screening of “Dear Rosalynn” at the Rose Bowl on Friday, February 2, 2018. What made it an even more awesome experience was that President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter were both in attendance.

SGMHS students were very impressed with Rosalynn Carter. Senior Valerie Corletto Lopez shared, “I was able to learn more about the life of Rosalynn Carter and how she has contributed to society throughout the years. She has done a great amount of work to help the sick and the homeless. She is a true inspiration to many young females around the world.” Another student, Senior Vanessa Angulo said, “I felt the documentary on the Carter’s was very inspiring and heart-warming. The Carters have lived a beautiful life and used their position as President and First Lady in a wonderful way that has benefited so many people.” Junior Marieann Garzon shared, “It was eye opening to see what she accomplished for us.”  Another student, Junior Magaly Sanchez said, “It was inspiring to see her as a model of Christ.”

While watching “Dear Rosalynn,” the audience learned that Rosalynn Carter is a great humanitarian and she began this journey while she was still in the White House, with her passion for the arts as well as her strong interest in aiding mental health, the community and the elderly. Once she left Washington, she and her husband founded the Carter Center in Atlanta in 1982 to “promote peace and human rights worldwide.” Together the Carters are involved in projects to “resolve conflicts, promote human rights, improve global health, and build democracy in some 65 countries.”

Senior Gabriela Abrego said it best, “The Rosalynn Carter documentary was very insightful and shed light on the many wonderful things Rosalynn has done for the world. It was a great experience.”