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Freshmen Dominate Writing Internship Program at SGMHS

The Freshmen at San Gabriel Mission High School dominate the Writing Internship Program for the

2017-2018 academic year. The writers are:  Hannah Carrillo, Skye Lopez Johansen, Samantha Nevins, Sidny Ramirez, Chelsea Santos and Mia Zambrano.

The students write for the El Monte Now Newspaper, thanks to the support of co-owner Carlos Puente. Mr. Puente acknowledges the benefits of sharing student talents with local communities. According to Ms. Jo Anne Disney, the moderator of the Writing Internship Program, “It’s exciting to see the looks on the students faces when they see their articles and names in print. The freshmen love to read which in turn explains their fondness for writing. I am very proud of their accomplishments. I have never seen a class with such enthusiasm.”