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SGMHS Senior Shines in Little Shop of Horrors

San Gabriel Mission High School senior Sylvia Camacho received huge accolades in her lead performance as Audrey, in the “Little Shop of Horrors” presented at Cathedral High School this last November. It was her first time performing in a full show and performing with a live professional band.


While Sylvia was between shows, one of the band members told her that her performance reminded him of a young Amy Irving. And, he encouraged her to continue with her acting. In speaking with Sylvia, she said that the show featured many firsts: her first musical; her first stage kiss, her first death scene, her first time being consumed by a giant, man-eating plant; and her first time performing for her father. Throughout high school, her father has lived out of state and was never able to see her perform in past shows. The day before closing night, her father surprised her by flying in from Oklahoma and saw her perform at the last show.


While performing at one show, theater scouts from St. Mary’s College were in the audience. They liked her performance so much that they asked her to come in for an interview, and possible scholarship. She passed round one of the process, but has not decided if acting is something she wants to pursue in college. Sylvia has “her heart set on studying English with some sort of emphasis on literature, journalism or creative writing.”


Since her arrival to SGMHS, Sylvia has thrived in the arts in acting, singing and dancing. However, she has also been passionate about her writing. SGMHS offered a writing internship program with the Mid Valley Newspaper and Sylvia was one of the first to apply and wrote for the column “Student Corner” for over 3 years.


Whatever this talented senior decides to do, it is guaranteed to be amazing.