P.A. ANNOUCEMENTS November 14, 2012

French club is having a meeting today at lunch in Ms. Heiweil class, please be prompt.

It is the month of NOVEMBER and with that comes Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Fall Colors! Dust off your reds, oranges, yellows and browns and join Veritas in dressing up in these colors for Koins 4 Kids tomorrow Tuesday, November 14th.

Attention JAM for LIFE members, please pick up your tickets for the hunger lunch in Ms. Aneja room, Don’t forget to bring your $6.00 for the two tickets.

All students who are attend homecoming. It is mandatory for you to be PRESENT in school on FRIDAY, November 17th before homecoming. If you do not attend school you will not be allowed into homecoming dance no exceptions. Please see the handbook for school policies. Please make all arrangements for mani-pedi, hair on your own time not school time.

All students as the winter months come upon us please make sure that you are wearing only tights or knee highs not a combination of both, also remember no leggings. Thank you.