P.A. ANNOUCEMENTS August 29, 2012

Attention all student drivers! Due to the Fiesta this weekend, student parking will not be available starting on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week. You are welcome to park in the basketball court parking lot across the street from the school.

Ladies tickets for the fiesta are being sold every day after school. It is a great bargain; you will get 24 ride tickets for only $15.00. That is a 33% discount. Someone will be in the foyer every day after school.

Drama Club members! All audition questionnaires are due to Ms. Olmos today in room 123, if you do not have one pick one up in Ms. Olmos room.

Hey Mission Sisters, don’t forget to go to our very first kaleidoscopic worship of the year during lunch tomorrow. We will be doing prayer movement in the dance studio @ 1:10 pm. Hope to see you there.

Hey sophomores, Remember the amazing writing portfolio you made last semester? It is waiting for you in room 225, please stop by at break time and pick it up by Thursday; if they are left in the classroom they will be considered donations to the school.

Ladies, do you sing in the shower? Do you sing in the car when your favorite song comes on; don’t let that talent go to waste. Come to choir tryouts on August 30th; meet in the choir room @3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. If you play an instrument that is fantastic bring it along.

“LADIES, IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN” Join us for our annual “Dinner at the Diner” Volleyball fundraiser at the Diner on Main in Alhambra on Thursday, August 30, 2012, come in and sit down for dinner with the team starting at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. If you can’t join us please stop by for takeout starting at 3:00 pm, or just stop by and say hello. Don’t forget to save the date on your calendar for Thursday, August 30th.