ABC-7 recognizes freshman Nadine Mora as one of its Cool Kids!

Every year SGMHS students do amazing and selfless tasks for their school and surrounding communities, but this year one of them gets major recognition. ABC-7 recognizes students throughout Los Angeles County who demonstrate outstanding service and leadership skills. Coming next Thursday, May 17, 2012, ABC-7 will acknowledge Nadine Mora (9) for her unselfish and unwavering commitment to her community and school. Nadine always finds opportunities to help others for the simple fact that she can and wants to make their circumstances better. Aside from her generous spirit, she is a stellar student who succeeds academically, socially, and spiritually. Without a doubt, Nadine is one of Mission's shining stars.

SGMHS is very proud of Nadine! We know that Nadine's determined and charitable nature will take her far! Make sure to watch Nadine next Thursday on ABC-7 during the 4:00pm newscast.