P.A. Announcements 4/30/2012

Any Junior who is taking the “SAT” this Saturday, Mrs. Tran-Trieu will be having a free ”SAT” prep class in her classroom during lunch and afterschool, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
Senior this is a reminder that there is a second Prom dress check today in the locker room, please have everything ready.
Congratulations to the freshman, and the freshman retreat committee on an INCREDIDIBLE retreat on Friday. Special thanks to Mr. Longo, Ms. Aneja, Mrs. Tran Trieu and Ms. Olmos for your help and support.
Attention seniors if you picked up a ticket from Ms. Ceballos office, this is a reminder that your essays are due on Wednesday, May 2nd, please remember to include your ticket number on the right hand corner of the essay. If you forgot your number go see Ms. Ceballos and remember to type out your essay. They can be turned in to Ms. Francisco. Thank you.
All seniors this is a reminder that all university intent to register forms are due on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 you must reserve your spot at the college of your choice. Good Luck.
All Students taking the AP Spanish test in May who are NOT enrolled in Period 1 AP Spanish class, you must turn in our out of class forms to Ms. Sallo by Wednesday after school.
All seniors attending a UC do not forget to register for the May 12th writing placement test.
All seniors attending a CSU you must also register for your Math & English placement test even if you have been accepted, your acceptance will be withdrawn if you do not register for the tests.