Seniors deliver powerful and informative research projects.

Over the course of a year and a half, Mission seniors have been preparing for their final research paper and presentation. As juniors they pre-selected an original topic of their interest and passion. The students then preceded to gather imperative information over the summer and upon the first week of senior year they turned in a first draft of their paper. From August to February, seniors diligently refined their projects to ensure that it provided all the essential information to educate others about the topic.

This past Monday, a student, faculty, and guest audience had the privledge of hearing the final projects. The research topics ranged from the importance of film make-up to the dangers of fast food menus and many more intriguing topics in between. Each senior delievered a 20-minute presentation.

Mission is very proud and pleased with the final outcome. Our seniors absolutely rose to the expectations of their English instructors and the English Department. Mission is confident that this project will serve as a true benefit to their upcoming college years.