P.A. Announcements 11/17/2011

Good morning ladies! Today our school will welcome 43 students from Nativity School. They are excited to spend the day with us so be sure to say hello to our guests when you see them in the halls or at lunch. Thank you!

Has it been a while since your last confession? Start Advent off right with Reconciliation! Priests will be available at Mission on Wednesday, November 30th. Sign up with Ms. Olmos today!

Help eliminate poverty by purchasing a t-shirt! “Invisible Children” merchandise can still be purchased. Visit the store at www.invisiblechildren.org today!

Sacred Heart High School will be hosting Praise Night on Friday, November 18th from 5pm-7pm! Support your Sacred Heart sisters!

Attention seniors: Ms. Sallo will not be available today for help with applications. She will be available on Monday, November 28th.

Attention ladies! We will be taking page number photos today. If you are holding a page number or would like to, be sure to come prepared!

Sell-Sell-Sell your car raffle tickets! Do not forget that your money is due on November 30th! Win prizes and a chance to win a 2012 Toyota!

Sign up to be on the policy committee! To participate, find Jasmin Rosales and Destanie Silva to sign up and improve the school!

Attention all those going to the Fall Rally at Six Flags: There will be a mandatory meeting on today in the auditorium at 1:10pm!

The detention list is posted! Please check the list especially if you have recently signed a demerit. Referrals are given if you do not show up for detention. Thank you!

Attention ladies! The second deadline for yearbook ads is November 28th. Please see Mr. Landiguin for more information.