P.A. Announcements 10/21/2011

Want to earn Spirit Points for your class? Come to
When: Friday, October 21, 2011
Time: 5:00 pm
Where: Sacred Heart of Jesus High School
See Ms. Collier for more information.

Ladies, please don’t forget your baby items to donate to the Pregnancy Help Center.

Attention all students. Next week we will be doing skirt length checks. If you have been rolling your skirt or have not let your hem down please take care of this immediately, especially if you received a demerit the last time.

Ladies, please remember the first homecoming bid is due Friday, October 21st to Mrs. Sosa. Homecoming bid is $55.00 Homecoming is November 11, 2011 at Dodger Stadium and it is a FORMAL event. If you are going to wear heels to homecoming they can be no higher than 3 inches. No expectations.

I Do Believe Presents: TAJCI in Concert on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm in the Chapel of the Annunciation.

Attention all Lifers; The paper to sign up for the Lifer evaluations is in Ms. Olmos office. Please sign up at break, lunch or after school. First come, first served.

Ladies, those of you who have been utilizing the lockers in the locker room, please be aware that all lockers have been cleaned out. If you would like you can purchase a sports locker in the business with Mrs. Sosa and please check the front office for any items that might be yours.

Cross Country meet scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. Enjoy your Saturday!

Attention all Students. Santa Teresita School is in dire need of afterschool tutors for their students Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday’s. Please see Ms. Aneja or Ms. Cagigas if you are willing to commit to this community. Thank you.

Do you like sing? Want to be a part of the Life Teen choir for San Gabriel Mission Parish? Our cantor at our last liturgy, Ralph Mohutskey is looking for you! Please see Ms. Cagigas for more details. Thank you.

Attention Mrs. Rivas 3rd Period class do you want some extra credit? Come see Mrs. Rivas immediately after school for details.

The famine is coming! Get involved! Pick up materials from Ms. Olmos. Today.