P.A. Announcements 10/4/2011

Attention Salesian Cheerleaders! On Wednesday October 5th, your yearbook staff will be taking your cheer picture for the yearbook. Please remember to bring your uniform, pompoms and practice shoes.

IOWA testing will begin this Thursday. Please be aware that dismissal is at 2:00PM on Thursday, and at 11:30AM on Friday. These are school days, and attendance is required.

All class & club boards remember your bulletin boards are due Wednesday, October 5th, you must turn in the white bulletin board paper at the Thursday student council meeting to Mrs. Rivas.

GAA members, there are a number of you who have not turned in your carwash ticket money. This was a mandatory fundraiser for the club, all monies must be turned in to Mrs. Sosa by Friday, October 7th, and if the monies are not turned in it will affect you taking final exams.

Attention students Marketing Team, please check out the October events calendar outside of Ms. Reyes office. New presentation days and high school nights have been added so please check to see if you were selected for these events. If you have any questions, see Ms. Reyes, ASAP.

All students who received on AERIES from on Friday you must create your accounts or return your waive right form by Wednesday to Ms. Sallo’s office. This is extremely important. Please make sure to do this ASAP.

Attention student council just a reminder that you should come prepared to take your picture on Thursday. Thank you.

Ladies, all lockers that are not supposed to be used are locked. Please do not break the lock. This will result in a referral for tampering with school property. Thank you for respecting the lockers.

Attention all students who have recently signed a demerit and have not served your detention. The detention list is posted please report to room 125 today for your detention. Once again detention is in room 125 today.