P.A. Announcements 9/12/2011

Spare some change for a greater change. Koins for Kids will be held next Tuesday, September 13, 2011, for the low price of $1.00. You may wear MISSION ATTIRE. Please remember you must follow the non-uniform dress code.

Reminder work Experience sign in today at lunch in the aud. New Jobs available within walking distance. If you worked this summer your work Permit has expired. Avoid a fine and review your permit now. Jobs are available for all students’ grades 9 thru 12. If you are in work study credit on your transcripts. Enroll today.
Do you need some extra cash? Are you working? Do you need job? Are you in work study or do you volunteer? Come to work experience and see Mrs. B on Friday to find out how you can get credit on your transcript. Remember if you are currently working you must enroll in work experience. Attention sophomores, juniors and seniors do not forget that your fiesta and summer hours are due on today, September 12th. I repeat this is your last chance to receive credit for your hours, if you have not turned them in by Monday, they sadly will not count.

Attention all student Athletes we have 53 large lockers downstairs, therefore there are plenty for you. Please make your payments to Ms. Sosa in business office by Wednesday or your sports privileges will be given to the cheerleaders. Thank you.
If any student wants a second locker, please pay $20.00 to Mrs. Sosa by Wednesday, September 14th. All lockers will be checked, cleaned out, and locked if they are not supposed to be in use. Thank you.

Thank you to all the young ladies who applied for the Student Marketing team. You will receive an interview confirmation letter this today. If you have any questions please see Ms. Reyes.