From the Dean’s Office

Welcome new students and welcome back to the returners!

This is Ms. Cagigas and I look forward to an extraordinary year at Mission as “the Dean”. This is an amazing first week of school and your daughters looked sharp on Wednesday at our Welcome Assembly. To keep up this sparkling image I would like to point out just a few things they’ll need to pay close attention to as they return to campus next week.

Length Skirt/Shorts - Parents/guardians over the past couple years the length of shorts and skirts has become inappropriately short and/or too tight. Please make sure your daughter’s skirts and shorts are no more than 3 inches from the crease at the back of the knee. Our faculty is committed to taking care of this important issue. Please check the shorts & skirt length. If adjustments are needed please undo the hem or in some cases for our upper class women, you may need to buy another skirt or pair of shorts all together; please see Ms. Sosa if you would like to buy one at a discounted price. Students will receive demerits starting next Wednesday, August 24 until this issue is resolved. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Hair - should not be shorter than 1" from any part of the scalp. Hair may be frosted and dyed only natural shades of blond, auburn, brown, or black. Approval of color should be given from the Dean before dying occurs. Students cannot dye the top half of their hair one color and the bottom half another color. It may not be dyed or streaked in colors such as blue, green, white, purple, etc.

Hair bands/ bows/ barrettes should be modest and non-distracting. Hair bands should be solid-colored and compliment the uniform; no feathers please or huge hair accessories.

Formal Uniform days are every Wednesday, all assemblies, and other days at the discretion of the Administration. Please have your blazers for these days. New Students please stitch or write your name permanently on the inside of your blazers for safe keeping.

If you have questions about any of these important issues please feel free to call or stop by my new office adjacent to the computer lab in room 112. Thank you.