Women Empowering Women

Today on Thursday, November 5th, State of California Senator Susan Rubio, Mayor of the city of San Gabriel Denise Menchaca, and Vice Mayor Chin Ho Liao visited the San Gabriel Mission High School campus to share a special gift for the senior class. 

This story will be featured on ABC Eyewitness News on 11/5/2020 between 3pm-6pm today!

They generously donated $2,000.00 to support the class and defray the costs of traditional senior events and activities. 

Senior Emily Panfilo ‘21 shared with ABC 7 News her gratitude for this support and that the class is hopeful that this will create a ripple effect of positivity for the Mission community.

Our San Gabriel Mission community faced a heart break earlier this year when our historic Mission church burned. During these unprecedented times, in which many students will miss traditional milestones, the San Gabriel Mission High School Class of 2021 is making the best out of their final year in high school. The SGMHS students and families have experienced COVID-19 directly in the loss of loved ones as well as some of their parents losing jobs. Thanks to a current senior mom, Carina Rivera, and the city of San Gabriel Mayor Denise Menchaca, this opportunity was made possible. 


San Gabriel Mission High School and the senior class of phenomenal young women are building on their legacy of sisterhood with the support of strong women leaders like Senator Rubio, and Mayor Menchaca.Women empowering women is what our Mission community continues to advocate for and facilitate in the San Gabriel Valley.


Today to SGMHS today visit www.sgmhs.org/give



The class of 2021 shared the video below with Mayor Menchaca and Senator Rubio. 


Student video