Ashley Lanuza '16

SGMHS alum Ashley Lanuza '16, attended UCLA for Psychology and Film Media studies. Her recently published book, My Heart of Rice, is a poetic Filipino American experience that explores how food, family, and love has shaped and motivated her sense of culture, identity, and self-discovery. The book moves to empower anyone who may have a difficult or unconventional relationship with their cultural identity. While Lanuza encourages acceptance of our unique details, she emphasizes the unity found in shared experiences and speaks of the inherent need for belonging, the youthful attempts at assimilation, and the deep melting pot of ethnicity and culture that makes up our humanity.

We encourage you to support and purchase her book available on Amazon it is a great Summer read! Stay tuned for updates on her book reading and signing soon.

To see more of her work CLICK HERE

Congratulations Ashley!