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Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

SGMHS Alumnae Discusses College Journey
San Gabriel Mission High School Alumna, Marypaz Miranda was featured in Cultural Weekly’s “Tomorrow’s Voices Today,” a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen. Her article entitled, “Finish Line: My Journey to College” shares her personal struggles and how she was motivated and sustained by her love of running.  In the article, Mary said, “Let me share with you something that one of my favorite poets, Reyna Biddy, wrote:  ‘You’re special, whether you think so or not, You shouldn’t have to beg to be treated with respect, loyalty, or love…believe me you’re entitle to it.’  This quote is special to me because it was in high school, when I joined my Campus Ministry team, and found the sport of running when I found my potential and capability. It was where I learned to love myself, and how I was able to get through the toughest times in my life.” Mary went on to say that, “I had my mom remind me that it will all be worth it at the end, and that there will be times when I feel like quitting, whether it be on the race course or academically. Nonetheless, I know that I should always finish what I started because pain is temporary and pride is forever. She was right, the fact that I was ambitious in my high school years allowed me to walk my graduation with chords, chevrons, and medals.” Currently, Mary attends Cal-State Los Angeles where she hopes to major in nursing and pursue a career in becoming a pediatric nurse.

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My Mission is...

My Mission Is...

Kelsey Rogoff, Class of 2013
My Mission is to REVOLUTIONIZE.
I am a young woman of Depth and Integrity; both these moral values were infused in my high school education, but redefined during my tenure in the Bay Area.  I was placed in a university environment that contradicted its purpose and mission:  to preach diversity, social equality, and serve world communities. In the midst of the most challenging time in my life, my surroundings cemented my fervency in social awareness, activism, and justice for the voiceless. I am indebted the Mission values of Depth and Integrity that inspired a strong sense of reverence for all individuals and thirst for the truth in any given situation. These values will infinitely be a part of my purpose to spread global equality and thirst to change the world.