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What Is Mission Film Academy?

San Gabriel Mission High School’s Film Club (A.K.A. Mission Film Academy) began in 2012 as a way to get freshmen interested in film and to develop an interest in filmmaking. At the time Mission’s film classes, both Media Studies and IB Film only accepted junior and seniors to provid a way for students interested in film to participate in Mission’s developing film culture.
Film Club is geared towards freshmen and sophomores, but a student of any grade can join and participate. As part of Film Club students will complete three projects: music video, short narrative film, and stop motion animation. Students will be invited to participate in film festivals as well as attend meet and greets and other film seminars.
Mr. Landinguin, the club’s moderator as well as the instructor for  Mission Television (MTV) and IB Film, says he enjoys the development of this new film culture at Mission. “I presently have three film related classes and 17 students in Film Club, so interest in film-making is definitely growing at Mission.”