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Educational Background:
  • BA Psychology, UCLA 1987
  • MA Educational Technology, Grand Canyon University 2009
  • Teacher in Space Program, Air Force Academy, Summer 1996, 1997, 1999 
  • IB DP Film Studies Certification, 2012
  • IB DP Visual Arts Certification, 2013
  • UCLA Film and Television: Screenwriting, Summer 2013, 2014, 2015
  • UCLA Film and Television: Digital Cinematography, Summer 2016
  • UCLA Film and Television: Digital Filmmaking, Summer 2017
  • Apple Teacher Certified: iPad and Mac, Spring 2018
  • Pasadena City College: Web Design, Summer 2018
  • Pasadena City College: Ipad and Iphone App Design, Summer 2018
  • UCLA Admissions Employee of the Month, Sept 88
  • NASA Excellence Award: 1995
  • NASA Excellence Award: 1996
  • NASA Excellence Award: 1997
  • NASA Excellence Award: 1999
  • "Who's Who of American Teachers" 1997
  • "Who's Who of American Teachers" 1998
  • "Who's Who of American Teachers" 2000
  • "Target Excellence Scholarship" 1999
  • Mayfield High School Outstanding Teacher Award 1999
  • Disney's "Teacher of the Year" Nominee 1999
  • Disney's "Teacher of the Year" Nominee 2001
  • Johns Hopkins "Teacher Recognition Award" 1999
  • SchoolTube Teacher of the Day 2008
  • STN Television Instructor of the Year Nominee 2013
  • Selected, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts 2015, Short Film: "The Reunion"
  • Selected, Action on Film Festival 2016, Animated Short: "The Quest", nominated Best Animated Short.
  • Selected, Action on Film Festival 2016, Short Film "The 5th Stall", nominated Best Young Adult Short Drama.
  • Selected, IFFCA Film Festival 2016, Short Film "The 5th Stall"
  • Selected, Action on Film Festival 2017, Short Film "Little One"
  • Selected, Action on Film Festival 2018, Short Film "Penny"


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Experimental Film, IB Film Year 2. Director: Jocelyn Reynoso, Cinematographer: Katelyn Barela. Winner: Best Show, 2018 Mission Film Festival 2nd Place: Student Film, Action on Film Festival 2018.

The 5th Stall

The Fifth Stall' is a horror/comedy, inspired by actual incidents, set in a haunted all girls school in Los Angeles. Izzy wanted to prove to her English class that the school is haunted by getting video evidence of elusive 'Sister Anita' ghost. She recruits the help of five other girls to prove that the ghost is real. While exploring the school they learn of a second story, of a girl that hung herself in the 5th stall of the girls restroom and there have been rumors that she haunts the restroom sitting in the 5th stall. The ghost hunters decide to investigate the 5th stall, leading to chaos and coming face to face with one of the school's resident spirits. Official selection, Action on Film Festival 2016, nominated for best young adult film.

Little One

A small school is terrorized by a psychopathic killer set on revenge. A group of girls set out to find answers. An official selection of the Action on Film Festival 2017. Strong language and violent scenes depicted, viewer discretion advised.