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Visual Arts

At San Gabriel Mission High School, creativity takes the form of a constant challenge: be curious, know more, question more deeply. This kind of creativity isn't limited to any particular medium. Our students write and produce their own short files, curate their own art shows, and build imaginative stage sets. Guided by our always-encouraging teachers, each Mission student finds her ability to express herself. We have an annual Art Showcase to display the innate talent that many students discover while attending Mission.

Mission Television (MTV) produces over 32 episodes each year, with over 1500 video projects uploaded on the MTV Mission Television Channel at MTV Mission Television is also a member of the STN Student Television Network, as well as broadcasting a channel on the US Education Television and UStream Live Streaming for certain events throughout the school year. MTV hosts its own film festival in the spring as well as participating in two other student film festivals throughout the Los Angeles area. Any student in the Mission Community can submit their videos for consideration in any of the film festivals and competitions. MTV cast and crew are invited to volunteer to join several film projects hosted by other schools, serving as cast extras or film crew. 


SGMHS students and alumni have received over 50 IMDB credits for their film projects.