San Gabriel Mission High School

Student Government » ASB


Student Government promotes cooperative activity between students and faculty, encouraging student initiative under the direction of school administration. All San Gabriel Mission High School students are active members of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Under the leadership of the student officers, they plan student activities and participation to encourage intelligent leadership and fellowship. The student body maintains membership in the National Association of Student Councils and the Catholic Association of Student Councils.

Student Council is a group of elected student officers who meet regularly and serve as a governing body for student affairs.  Student Council is made up of all ASB officers, all class officers, and the president of each club.  The key responsibilities and challenges of the student council are:

  • To promote understanding throughout the San Gabriel Mission High School Community
  • To plan school activities
  • To raise funds for school and class projects
  • To provide for expressions of student opinion
  • To develop student morale and school spirit

Class Government

Class officers, together with their moderators, form a class board to plan and direct activities on a class level. 

Running for Student Office

Students interested in running for ASB, Class, or Club offices have the opportunity each spring (specific election dates are posted on the school calendar).  The requirements for running for the various student government offices are published each election season and can be obtained at any time from the Director of Activities.

Black Cord

All seniors serving on student council for at least three years may apply for a black cord to be worn at graduation.

Purple Cord

All graduating ASB officers will receive a purple cord in honor of their service to the school.