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The Religious Studies Department at SGMHS is committed to the catechetical ministry of the Catholic Church through instruction in the Gospel message and the teachings of the Church. This ministry of the Word is shared in the context of community, celebrated in worship and leads the students toward the ministry of service and justice.
By fostering the student’s spiritual development in the school faith-community, the teachers implement the basic goals by helping each student become aware of her God-given uniqueness and self-worth as a human person and especially as a woman, and strengthen her commitment to Christ. By encouraging an atmosphere of openness and trust in their classes, the teachers endeavor to foster student growth in self-understanding and Christian values.
Conscious that she does not live out her Christian commitment in isolation and that the Church has need for her active presence; the student is challenged to view contemporary world issues with a Christian perspective and to contribute positively to the growth of justice in our world.