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Graduation Requirements

To receive a high school diploma from San Gabriel Mission High School, a student must be enrolled in seven courses per semester and earn 240 credits throughout her four years.  An elective program provides students with the opportunity to earn additional units that will benefit them as they go on to college.  99% of Mission graduates attend post-secondary educational institutions.  In addition to completing 240 total credits, students are required to fulfill the following requirements.
  • Senior Research Project (See English department for details)
  • No F's in any classes
Credits Required for Graduation:
  • Religious Studies (40)
  • English Literature (40)
  • Mathematics (30)
  • Social Studies (30)
  • Laboratory Science (20)
  • Foreign Language (20)
  • Physical Education/Health (10)
  • Visual & Performing Arts (10)
  • Electives (40+)