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San Gabriel Mission is a college preparatory high school.  Our students are required to take courses that will not only prepare them for college, but also fulfill the requirements to attend a 4-year university.  

The admission requirements for the University of California and California State University systems are extremely rigorous.  Students who receive a C- or better on an A-G courses are eligible for admission the the UC/CSU.For a listing of A-G approved courses please see the UC/CSU Approved Course List.

The following is the scope and sequence of the Freshmen through Senior curricula:


  • Religion 9
  • Elements of Literature
  • Conceptual Physics
  • Algebra I or Geometry
  • Spanish (Nonspeaking/Bilingual)
  • P.E./Health


  • Religion 10
  • British Literature
  • Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus or Precalculus Honors
  • Lab Biology or Lab Chemistry Honors
  • Spanish (Level II or higher)
  • Drawing and Painting


  • Religion 11
  • American Literature/AP Language & Composition/IB English
  • United States History or IB History of the Americas
  • Algebra II, Algebra II Honors,Precalculus, Precalculus Honors, IB Math Studies, IB Math SL or AP Calculus AB/BC
  • Lab Chemistry in the Community, Lab Chemistry-H, Lab Physics, AP Physics, AP/IB Biology, AP Environmental Science
  • One of the following electives:
    • Media Studies, AP Art Studio 3D, AP Art Studio 2D, Drama, AP Psychology, AP/IB Spanish, IB French ab initio


  • Religion 12
  • Women's Lit or AP English Literature & Composition
  • Government & Economics or AP Government
  • 3 elective courses
    • Math Elective
    • Science Elective
    • Foreign Language Elective
    • Visual & Performing Arts Electives

The IBDP Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is designed for juniors and seniors who seek an intellectually stimulating path of study. IBDP Candidates are placed in a cohort and participate in a series of vigorous courses meant to solidify their experience as upper class women. These two year courses are designed to allow for in-depth study and inquiry. Diploma Programme candidates must complete courses in six specific areas:

  • Language A Literature
  • Language B Language Acquisition: Spanish or French ab initio
  • Individuals and Societies: History of the Americas and 20th Century World History
  • Mathematics: Math Studies or Math SL
  • Sciences: Biology
  • The Arts: Film Studies orVisual Arts