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Department Philosophy

Foreign Language Department Philosophy
The primary goal of Foreign Language Department at SGMHS is to encourage students to become literate as well as multi-lingual. Our department has three foreign languages (Spanish and Chinese).

The objectives of our department are to develop and refine the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing inside and outside the classroom.

 Upon the completion of two years of language study, each student will:  
  1. Express herself in the target language with native-like pronunciation using a variety of everyday vocabulary.
  2. Understand native speakers from a wide variety of countries where the language is spoken
  3. Write coherent paragraphs, letters, and essays using a variety of vocabulary and correct grammatical structures.
  4. Read and comprehend written material including textbooks, short stories, and excerpts from novels, poetry, articles, and multi-media materials.
  5. Understand traditional ideas and perspectives, institutions, literary and artistic expressions, and other components of the target cultures.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the Intercultural elements related to the prescribed topics.